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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Black Women Stop Forcing Your Little Girls To Wear Weaves and Hair Extentions

Back in the 1970's, it was unheard of for black women to harm their little girls early hair growth with weaves and hair extensions.   Back in those days, mothers in the black community were so proud of their little girls kinky hair, they brushed and greased it.   If you are old enough to remember, it was water and grease that made our hair looked so naturally pretty.   Then only on holidays like Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas, our mothers and other black women in the community would use a hot comb to straighten our hair.   Then in the 1980's as black families ceased the black community and began moving into suburban neighborhoods the began to mingle with white families and many of them became ashamed of their naturally kinky hair.  We no longer saw Afros as a symbol of our heritage, but instead, in the minds of many African Americans it became a disgrace and a sign of militant behavior to wear them.  So many mothers themselves began chemically processing their own hair also paid beauticians to perm their daughter's hair.   Back in the 1980's it was very popular for the average teenage black girl to have her hair permed and the same conversation was among average black women that heat was bad for the hair while they over-processed their hair.  They seem to forget one important thing, whenever our mothers used heat, it was only for holidays and this is why black girls hair was much longer than in the 1980's and years later until now.   Many mothers of this era are putting hair extensions and weaves in their daughter's hair and have forgotten how well their grandmothers and mothers adored and enjoyed growing their naturally kinky hair when they were young girls.

These days, we see many young girls as toddlers wearing extensions and weaves and this is extremely dangerous in the early stages of their hair growth.  We want to forewarn black mothers to avoid the trend of not only placing hair extensions and weaves on the crown's of their daughter's heads, but also to avoid perming their hair.   There is nothing wrong with naturally kinky hair, if anything, it is the most beautiful texture of hair than stringy fine hair.   This is one of the main reasons why we see many white women having babies with black men, simply because they want to bore little girls with kinky hair, but unfortunately because of their own European gene and hair texture, their bi-racial little girls hair either comes out wavy or very stringy, most of the time.  As a black mother, you do not know how blessed you are to bore your daughters with the naturally kinky hair they have, which is also mentioned in the Bible when the description of Jesus Christ is mentioned.  'His head and his hairs were white like wool, as white as snow; and his eyes were as a flame of fire; (Revelation 1:14)'  Therefore, it is such a joy for each and every African American to have woolly hair, similar to Jesus Christ.   We know, He would rather for all black people to take care and grow their own hair and especially to care for our daughter's hair.   We feel God is not happy to see little black girl's mothers stooping so low to put weaves and extensions in their daughter's hair.  If He could bless little black girls back in the 1970's and previous years to have long hair, surely He can bless them today, but their mothers need to take heed and no longer be ashamed of growing their little girl's natural hair.

When you place those extensions and hair weaves in your little girl's hair, you are damaging the early stages of hair growth.   Their young scalps do not even get a chance to properly breath without being clogged with glue and/or tightened at the roots.   They will grow up with short hair and will have receding hairlines by the time they reach their preteen years, which is nothing they inherited from their fathers.   Many mothers have been so lazy, they have failed to even want to touch their little girl's natural hair, so they have hair extensions and weaves placed in their daughter's hair instead.  Braided hair extensions have been going on since the 1980's and has not stopped yet and we began seeing weaves worn on the heads of even toddlers since 1990's.   This cycle must stop now, along with the shame of being African descent in the minds of many black mothers and black fathers in this era.   The shame of being black has ruined hair growth among many black girls and even their mothers.

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