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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Be Good to Your Hair and Naturally Grow It, Even If Society Hates It

As black women, the majority of us need to go back to the days when we loved our natural hair, even if today's society hates it.   Think about it, how will your hair ever grow, if you are always trying to cover it, straighten it and over-processing it?   If we are forever changing our natural hair, how will it ever grow, gracefully?   We are supposed to search deep inside our souls and question why is it, we are the only type of women who feel we have to change ourselves in order to be accepted by society.  Once you make up in your mind to love who you are, then you will begin to love your natural hair and it won't matter how many people within our own race shun you.  Many times, many black women fail to grow long healthy hair, simply because they have been so self-conscious about how others feel if they wore their natural kinky hair on a daily basis.

The ignorance of many whites and blacks is that if a black woman wears her natural hair, she is militant.  Now, you may think we have gotten past that sort of ignorance, but society reveals we have not gotten very far, because they are not many black women like back in the 1960's and 70's wearing their natural hair.   Ladies, when you wear your natural hair, you are being good to your hair, you are not necessarily trying divide from society as a separatist, you are simply being the unique woman you are, simply loving yourself just as God made you to be, without any apologies.   Many people whom hate the black identity are the ones whom choose to separate from us.  Most of our American society has labeled the black woman as a separatist when she refuses to hate herself and change her looks from African into European and that is pure evil.   If you are a child of God, you will find in I Cor. 11:15, it says: 'But if a woman have long hair, it is a glory to her: for her hair is given her for a covering.'   So, how is your hair ever going to grow, if you continue to cover it with wigs and weaves?   How will it ever grow your hair, if you continue to process it, without enjoying its freedom to be natural, the way God created it to be?

Did you know there is such a thing called abusing your hair?   Many of us black women have been so guilty of abusing our hair, because we wanted to be accepted within America and not be made fun of around our own race.  For many years, some African Americans have been so guilty of making fun of black women whom wear their natural kinky hair.   We have been called, 'Buckwheat' or 'too black to hang around' and it hurts.   However, once we realized what has robbed us from ever enjoying our own natural hair, then we will be determine to ignore that ancient evil that has controlled self-prejudice within the black community.  The ancient myth that we need to kill as black women is this, 'you are more pretty when you straighten your hair.'  The truth is, your are more beautiful when you are not ashamed of your natural looks.   Ladies, it does not matter, if we have fried it or over processed it, our hair has been abused, neglected and it becomes damaged sometimes, for many years.

One of the main things that has hurt the average black woman's hair from growing, is her trying to keep up with the latest style to look like her favorite black celebrity.  Most female black celebrities wear weaves, wigs and even will mostly cut it off and the pattern has not been broken since the late 70's.  Every since African Americans have broken into the entertainment industry, many black women have went to great lengths to satisfy the Hollywood elite.   Their looks have been desired by infamous black women whom may die without ever enjoying growing their natural hair.   When we look at Jill Scott, we recognize she wore her natural hair for a very long time, but we began to see a change as though possibly someone who manages her career suggested a change and it does not surprise us.   Isn't this how the popular look of the Afro died out, after of our sisters became more diversified after the 70's era?   It seemed as though more black women who began to straighten and cut their hair they began to style their hair, according to how Europeans desired for us to look, similar to their identity.  Over the years, many black women are yet wondering how they can ever grow their hair.   They yet think just because they are black, they cannot grow long and healthy hair, but that is an ancient lie of deception.   You can certainly grow long and healthy hair, but you must learn how to love your natural hair and wear it with pride and no regrets.   The more you thank God for creating you a black woman, the more you will learn to love and appreciate your hair and not abuse it.

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