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Friday, June 29, 2012

Black Hair Will Grow Strong, Long and Healthy, If you eat these particular vegetables

Now ladies, in our previous article, 'Change the Way You Eat and Grow Long Healthy Hair by eating fruits and vegetables', we told you why you should eat your fruits and vegetables, but we did not tell you which specific ones to eat.  You also did not learn what other sorts of natural foods is good to grow your hair.  Remember what we said, do no eat junk food, because what you put into your system will control how your hair will grow.  Greasy fast food may taste good, but it is not good for your.   So, we want to encourage you to continue to eat healthy foods, such as fruits, vegetables and other natural food that God made for our bodies.

Now ladies, we first want to give you wisdom, as you grow older, you should enjoy eating the right foods that will keep your hair long.  Black hair can grow long, but you have must keep your bodies healthy.   Please do not chop off your hair, eat junk food, just because people are telling you that old myth, 'the older you get you need to chop your hair, because you look young', please do not do it. Many women run into trouble when they visit a licensed beautician who maybe spreading this myth that the older you get, the more younger you look. If you learn how to take care of your own hair, you will not have to spend your money for these stylists to chop of your hair you have been trying to grow for many years.   Furthermore, you must continue to eat these following foods that will keep your hair long and healthy and as you grow older, you will begin to take pride in your hair as you make sure your body is healthy and remain very youthful.


Take your daily supplement of fish oils, but also add a lot of fish on your diet.  Just when you want to enjoy beef or chicken, begin thinking about your hair Salmon is the best type of fish to eat, because it has a lot of omega-3 fatty acids in it.   You get a lot of vitamin B-12 and iron.   Omega-fatty acids are also known to help keep your scalp clean and it helps it to avoid dryness.   You do not want your pores to be clogged with grease, but it also does not need to be overly dry, so always make sure omega-fatty acids is in your diet.   Flaxseed oil is also good for your daily diet, you can find it in supplements or ground at Walmart, next to the Fish Oils.  When you take vitamin supplements, please follow the advised servings on the back of the bottle. Always remember, fish gives you a good amount of protein.


You should be eating a lot of beans.   Really all types of beans have a lot of protein in them.  However, we encourage you to eat legumes like red kidney, black, beans and lentils, which will give you a great source of biotin, zinc and iron.  You need a lot of biotin, because it stops your hair from being brittle.

Dark Green Vegetables

Remember, we mentioned in our previous article, whenever you cook your collard or mustard greens, make sure you drink a lot of the juice, because that is where your vitamins are.  However, it is so much better to eat fresh vegetables, which have all of the vitamins and minerals in the leaves, especially if they were freshly grown out of the grown (don't for get to rise them).   Dark green vegetables retain a lot of calcium and iron; however, if you specifically eat the types like broccoli and spinach you get all of the other vitamins like A and C that will help restore your follicles.


If you eat a lot of carrots on a daily basis, you will grow your hair fast.  Make a habit of eating carrots or even drinking carrot juice. They are not only good for your eyes, but they give you a lot of vitamin A, which keeps your scalp healthy.

Whole Grains

If you eat fortified whole grain cereals for breakfast, it will give your hair a lot of B vitamins, iron and zinc.   Whole Grain foods gives you a good source of fiber and that is not only good for your hair, but also your nails.


You need a lot of niacin and vitamin B-3 in order for your blood to flow and circulate, which will grow your hair, so you need to eat fruit like boysenberries, mango, nectarines, peaches.  In order for your red cells to supply oxygen to your hair follicles, you need vitamin B-6, which is stored in fruits like bananas, dates, grapes, guavas, lychees, mangoes, passion fruits, pineapples, pomegranates and watermelons.  Please read further on this @ 
This article by Verneda Lights, 'What Fruits Make Your Hair Grow?' will certainly give you an idea why fruit is so very important for you to eat.  You will discover how God has already placed a lot of vitamins in natural foods to grow your hair and why many black women whom do not have a healthy diet do not grow long hair.   Therefore, fruits and vegetables are good for you to eat on a daily basis.

So as black women now you can stop believing the old myth that you have to be mixed in order to grow long hair. Remember, many of them do not even grow long hair and also wear weaves.  Now, you should be able to realize God is not prejudice toward black women and what he created for other races, He has also created for us.   We just have to start loving His natural foods He created for us to eat and stop eating man-made junk foods that will not give you benefits to grow long and healthy hair.  When God mentioned in His scripture, your crown is your glory in I Cor. 11:15, He was not just talking to white, Latino or Asian women, but He was speaking to all races of women and it is time you refuse to believe those racial lies that have robbed you of having long hair.   Being black does not limit you, you only limit yourself of having good health and growing long hair when you lack proper vitamins and minerals.


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