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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Black Women Who Wear Tight Braid Extensions Lose Hair: Learn How To Grow Your Own Hair

Many black women fail to learn that they will never keep their own hair as long as they continue to wear tight braids.   It may appear cute for a while, but over time it damages the roots of your hair and then eventually removes follicles.  Have you ever watched Stevie Wonder enough to know that he did not just allegedly go bald, just because he is got older?   There are many black men as well whom have worn tight braids and all it does is pulls their hair follicles out of the scalp.  If you are a woman, this can be a really painful experience.   Can you grow it back, after wearing tight braids for so long?   Yes you can grow your hair back, dear sister, but you have got to stop wearing braids, all together, not unless you are braiding your own hair, sometimes.

Hair extensions for black women may have been very popular back in the 1970's and 80's, but these days, it is time for a change.   When we were young children and pre-teens, we wore a lot of hairstyles that went along with the times, but as grown women we must do things different for ourselves and even for our little black girls.   This is the 21st century and it is time for black women of all ages to reveal God's goodness to our crowns.   Remember this, God does not love other races of women more than us, but He wants us to learn how to manage our natural hair so we can grow and enjoy it.   We know God must get very tired of the stigma that black women can't grow long hair and you have to be a mixed, a bi-racial woman to grow long hair.   Both are a myth, because we have seen some bi-racial women and they wear weaves, many of them do not have long hair.  Therefore, if you recognize you are just a black woman whom has difficulty with growing your own hair, you need to just accept it and learn how to grow it without latching the roots. 

Back in the 1970's and early 80's we as black women can recall how our mothers would pay to get our hair done to look like the other girls at school and church.   All of those cute french braid styles adorned with  beads, then singles may have grown our hair when we were very young, but if you notice, when we became older. our hair changed, this is because what worked back then was only at the stage of early growth.   Now, as grown women, we must realize as we have gotten older, so have our scalps, so we must be very careful on how we maintain our hair.   Precious black women, if you have not never had long hair or once when you were young, it is time to make God happy and allow Him to grow it.   How do you go about doing so?   Stop buying all of that artificial hair and latching it on real tight.   Save some money and begin pampering your own hair.   Do not pull and tug your scalp anymore.   Begin washing your hair, at least twice a week.  Trim the split ends of your hair.   Do not clog your scalps with heavy oils, instead use very lights ones, hair cremes and even hair mayonnaise is even much better.  Do the same for your girls and you will begin to see a positive change.   

Many black women feel it is necessary to wear some sort of braids, hair extensions or corn rows to identify with their race, when it fact, this why they have not been able to grow long hair.   Wearing hair extensions or french braids may have given black women a sense of pride years ago, but these days, it is time to learn how to love yourself without them, because your hair will grow much longer if you learn how to unlatch the roots of your hair.

Hair extensions may have been good to grow a black woman's hair once in our lifetime, but because how we have pulled, latched and locked, our scalps have been extremely damaged at the roots.   Some women go bald and do not even realize they can eventually grow it back, but they must stop wearing braids, all together.   You may think if you no longer wear tight braids, you will be okay, not so.   You hair needs to grow without braids and extensions, completely, because after so long, your follicles are damaged and need to be able to grow again without your roots being pulled so tight.  So please black women, take heed, learn and change, if you finally want to grow your own hair.

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