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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Change the Way You Eat and Grow Long Healthy Hair by eating fruits and vegetables

A lot of times, many black women do not grow long healthy hair, is simply because they do not eat right.   Ladies, you have to change the way you eat if you desire to grow long healthy hair.   If you put all of that fast food into your system, then how do you think it will affect your hair?  It will not grow fast as you want it to grow and will not be as healthy, because you are not giving your body the right nutrients.   You have to be good to your body, if you expect for your hair to be long and beautiful.   Many times, black women may envy other races of women, but they do not know that if those women did not eat proper foods they too would not grow nice hair, either.   Shocked?   One of the main reasons, why other races of women have long hair, is because they are constantly eating right, it is not always genetics.   So, if you want to see good results ladies, stop eating all of that greasy fast food.

Sisters, life is inside of fresh vegetables.   The only types of vegetables some black women are used to are cooked collard, (Chinese) mustard and cabbage.  We are not saying they are not good to eat, but much of the vitamins and minerals in those greens do not remain in the leaves when you cook them.  If you do eat a lot of cooked greens, also drink the juice left in the pot, because that is where much of the nutrients are.  You must learn how to eat fresh vegetables more often, because when you eat them fresh and not cooked, more vitamins and minerals remain in them.   God has placed life inside of fresh vegetables and when you eat them on a daily basis, your skin will not only begin to look better, but also your hair, it will began to look healthy and it will grow.   This is why many people tell you to avoid eating processed foods like boxed rice and canned vegetables.  When manufacturers package canned goods and boxed foods, many times there is too much sodium and when they process the foods most of the vitamins and minerals diminish.   Therefore, most processed foods sold in stores are not good for you.  You are going to have to learn how to look at what they put into their packaged foods and most of the times, you will see a lot of sodium and/or sugar, which is why many people suffer from diabetes and all other sorts of other diseases.   So think about it, your hair does not even have a chance to grow, if you are sick.   You may think fresh vegetables do not taste good, but they taste very good when you acknowledge what they can do for your body and hair.   Fresh vegetables not only restore your body, put they put life back into the roots of your hair.   If you have really damaged hair or if it just needs to grow, you need to try eating fresh vegetables on a daily basis.   Just like your body loves fresh vegetables, so does your hair, because when your body is healthy, it controls the roots of your hair.   So, if your body yearns to have a lot of vitamins and minerals, you need to eat the right foods so your hair can benefit from fresh vegetables.

Much life is also in fresh fruits.  God has placed vitamins and minerals in a lot of fruit.  If you have heard some people whom have died and spent time in heaven and came back to life, they will tell you about all of the fruit, God allows you to eat up there, because of all the good spiritual benefits in them, love, joy and peace.  So this is why it would be a very good idea for all of us black women to choose to eat a lot of fresh fruits along with fresh vegetables.   Many of the black celebrities avoid eating a lot of fruit, because of all the sugar and often times there are some dentists who will tell you to not eat fruit or fruit juice, because it is bad for your teeth, but that's what water is for.  You brush your teeth after eating your fruit and you flush your system out by drinking water while you eat a lot of fruit, because fruit is naturally good for your body and even your hair.   It is not good to follow the eating habits of today's average black celebrities, because many of them avoid eating fruit, in order to keep sugar out of their diet and remain thin.   You can eat fresh fruit, but drink 8 glasses of water when doing so to help flush out the body waste.  If fruit was not good for you, God would not have created it. 

Many times, we as black women desire to eat what taste good, but not choose to eat what is good for us.  Change the way you think and began to want to eat much healthier.   Choose God's food over man-made processed foods.

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