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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Ten Steps for Black Women to Repair Damaged Hair and Regrowing It Back

Some of you ladies have lost all of your hair, because of over-processing it with relaxers, dyes and hot irons.  Many of you may have given up on regrowing your hair back the way it used to be or even more healthier.   However, we have the possible solution and we present 10 steps for you to repair your damaged hair and grow it back.  It may seem very difficult for to believe you can have healthy hair, again, but it is possible to restore it.   Many times, the strands of your hair are damaged, because your hair was not handled with ultimate care.   Your hair is just like a plant, when the root of your hair die beneath the scalp, your strands began to fall off.   Therefore, please take heed what we are about to tell you, in order to repair your damaged hair.

Many times, we as black women lose our hair, simply because of stress.   Overly processing your hair due to harsh chemicals and dyes are not always the only causes of you losing your hair, stress is a big problem for black women.  So, among these following steps we will also include what you can do to keep stress out of your life.   However, all of the negative factors could be the cause of you losing your hair.  For example, possibly a woman may have had a recent death in her family and cannot emotionally cope, so stress will not allow her hair to grow.   Another example, a woman could be going through a very stressful situation in her life, but also have over-processed her hair by relaxing and dying it at the same time.   Whatever caused you to lose your hair, you need to follow these ten steps and also seek guidance of a professional licensed beautician.

Here are the Ten Steps to Repair Your Damaged Hair and Regrow It Back

  1. Always cover your hair with a satin cap when you go to sleep.   Never go to sleep on your hair, which causes split ends.  Many black women cannot grow hair past a certain length, simply because they fail to sleep in a satin cap.  
  2. If you have lost your hair, because of split-ends and not regularly clipping the very tips of your hair, then you should began the process whenever needed.   Be very sure when you allow a licensed beautician to clip your ends, do not allow them to clip too much, only the tips needs to be cut off. However, if your hair is damaged, you or your licensed beautician should cut off the damaged hair.  This will allow it to grow back normal.  A lot of times. you may need to clip it off into an even natural, so it can start a normal and healthy regrowth.  However, it may take several months, in order for you to see new growth.   At this stage, do not put a relaxer, perm or dye in your hair, allow your hair to rest, so the roots can start a fresh process for regrowth.  After losing your hair because of a bad perm or relaxer, we advise you to seek the advice of a professional beautician.   It would be very wise to allow them to completely remove your dead hair.  Dead hair are usually strands that will not grow anymore, because they have been so damaged from harsh chemicals or split ends.   
  3. A lot of times, when you see black women wearing a natural Afro, it is simply because they are giving their hair a rest and want it to grow normally without any chemicals causing further damage.   So, it would be a good idea, if you join them and enjoy your hair growing out, naturally.   You may have a difficult time managing it at first, because it is very kinky, but it is better for to buy hair softeners in a spray, creme or lotion, rather than to abuse your hair with any more chemicals or hot irons straitening it.  Learn to apply gentle cremes and leave-in conditioners in your natural hair, most times this is what your hair wants, is simply to rest and grow at its natural coarse.
  4. Avoid covering your hair with wigs and weaves. Keep wigs and weaves off of your hair.  Ladies, your hair needs to breath.   Your hair loves air so you must avoid always covering it, you will suffocate your scalp.  Your scalp needs to breath in order to grow hair.  Many times, some black women have a bad habit of not taking care of their own hair, but are so quickly to place wigs or a weaves on top of it.   This is one of the main reasons why we do not see many black women wearing and growing their own hair.   Because it takes too much time, many of them just do not want to bother with their beautiful kinky hair.  So, you must learn to take care of your own hair and do not avoid taking care of repairing your damaged hair.  Take the time to make sure your own hair is getting the proper care it needs, in order to grow.  Even better, you will save a lot of money, if you stop spending it on fake hair.
  5. Learn how to regularly massage your scalp.  If you regularly massage your scalp, you will allow your blood vessels to circulate, which is very good for normal hair growth.
  6. Stop using grease and sulfur in your hair.   Heavy grease will clog up your pores and your hair will never grow.  However, it is okay to use a very light oil, but heavy grease is never good, if you desire to grow your hair and grow it long.  As for sulfur, many black women use sulfur to regrow their hair, but use heat along with it.   If you use heat on your hair, sulfur will take your hair out.  You should never use sulfur when applying heat to your hair and many black women have ended up bald-headed because of this.   We do not advise you using sulfur or any heat, at all, because hot combs and irons is not good for your hair and sulfur is too greasy, so neither are good.
  7. Wash your hair, at least twice a week.  Now, a lot of licensed beauticians do not advise you to wash your hair too often, but ladies it is a known fact your hair loves water.  Even Oprah Winfrey's hair stylist, Andre Walker allegedly stated this fact on her show.  As we mentioned in the above point #2, your hair is like a plant, it just does not love air and wants to breath, it also loves water.   So we advise you to wash your hair at least twice a week, so you can keep a clean scalp.
  8. Make sure to always eat right.  As we have instructed you in our previous articles, if you do not eat right, your hair cannot grow.  Eating more fruits and vegetables and less fast food is always a plus for growing long and healthy hair.  If you keep a healthy diet, your hair will remain strong and do not be surprised how long it may grow. Also, regularly flush your system with water to get rid of all of the toxins and keep bad waste out of your body.
  9. Learn to not comb your hair so much and brush it, regularly.   Some beauticians do not like bristle brushes, in our opinion bristle boar brushes (by Goody or Conair) are good if you are wearing your natural hair, because any other sort of brush would be too weak to handle it.
  10. As we mentioned above, many black women are under a lot of stress, due to financial and personal family issues and bad relationships.   Stress will cause your hair not to grow and may even break off, if you experience a sudden tragedy or death in your family.  So, this is what you need to do: You need to become a very spiritual person.  Keep God in your life and remain in His Word.  Listen to Praise and Worship and even classical music.   Do not allow life to get you down. Sometimes, life can get the best of us, our hair is badly affected and will not grow.  So, you need to relax, be spiritual and find something you like to do.  Do not spend too much time thinking on negative things or even painful situations in your past.   God will help you get the stress out of your life if you seek Him.   So, stay busy living for Him and remain busy with something you like to do.   You can choose any hobby like getting involved with doing daily exercises or taking swimming lessons.   It does not matter how old or young you are, life can take a toll on you and you should not allow any negative spirits to cause stress in your life.   Your hair is a part of your body and it maybe damaged, all because of the emotional trauma in your life.  So, if you love your hair, you must learn how to keep stressful things or even negative people completely out of your life.

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