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Friday, July 6, 2012

Black Hair Will Grow, If you Take Care Of It

Your black hair will certainly grow, if you learn how to take care of it.  It is like high maintenance on a car, the more you fix it up, it will not only look nice, but run good.   A lot of us black women may like to dress up our hair with all sorts of nice styles, but the question is, do we take care of it?  A lot of black women wear wigs and weaves, because they look good, but they do not take care of their own hair.   Your hair wants attention and when you care for it, you will began to see how long it will grow.  However, if you just cover it with wigs and weaves all the time, then it will become stunted and will not grow.   

Specifically, when you wear weaves, many beauticians have always said, 'it will grow, if you learn to give your own hair a break from the weaves and take care of it.'   However, we have not seen black hair grow very long among women whom wear weaves, so it would be better to just stop wearing weaves and love your own hair and expect it to grow.   

Specifically, when you wear wigs, there is no air to get to your scalp.   So, how can you expect it to ever grow?   You cannot just keep wearing these wigs, just like you're changing shoes, because you cannot forget to care for your hair underneath.   For years, since the 1930's, black women have put on a stocking cap and placed all sorts of cute styled wigs on top of their heads, simply because it saved a lot of time and the truth, some of them have always looked very cute, but many of them have not looked real as their own hair.   

Many times, black men have blurted it out about wanting black women to no longer wear fake things.   Think about it, Is this an excuse for them leaving us for other races of women?  No excuse, but the truth is, they like for their woman's hair to be real and naturally long and you should like it too.   So, are you ready to take care of your hair?  You can read more about learning how to care for your hair at Souls of Black Women, blog.  We do not just talk about news, but we also talk about how the black woman can grow long hair.

Read more about how you can grow long hair @ Souls of Black Women

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