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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Do Your Research and Love Your Hair, Black Woman

It is so wonderful that we have books to teach us how to care for our hair.   If you have questions, regarding your hair when your beautician is not properly managing your hair, you should do your research.   Not only books, but also periodicals have a lot to teach black women about how to grow and manage their hair.  Have you ever wondered about how often to wash or brush your hair?  Have you ever wondered how long you should leave on a perm, if you do not have money to regularly visit a professional beauty salon?   Then, you should learn how to spend time to read information about it.   Believe us, the more time you take learning about how to take care of your hair, the more you will began to love your hair and you will not mind spending time to manage it.

Do you watch a lot of television or spend a lot of time talking on the telephone?   Just think about what you could learn spending that time reading a book, magazine or an article about black hair.  You could learn a lot.   Many times, we as black women suffer, because we do not take our time to do research.  You will not be able to just care for your own hair, but maybe you could help a friend, your child or a loved one.   Learn how to receive knowledge into your brain and not waste on things that will not benefit you and learning about hair is great value.

So maybe your nearest library does not have books about how to manage black hair, but there are all sorts of books you can purchase at or at other various online stores.   Sisters, if you can find a way to get information, do it.  But if you have difficulty, because you do not have any money, you can always visit different websites that will show you how to grow and manage your hair.   If you have been imagining what it is like to grow your own hair, you can stop dreaming and make it happen.   

One of the biggest reasons why many black women still believe you have to be of another race to grow long hair, is simply because they do not take time to learn how to grow their own.  They would know that's not true, if they would do research about growing black hair.   

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