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Sunday, July 15, 2012

The Secret of Black Women in One Family Having Long Hair

Just think of a photo of black women wearing hair weaves in one family.    Why isn't it possibly for all black women in every family to have long hair?   The mindset among black women in every family needs to change and it needs to be, so they all can grow very long hair.  One of the unique things about Madam C. J. Walker's family is that her female relatives believed in her hair system, because they witnessed it worked for her and even themselves.  Madam C. J. Walker was not keeping her secret to herself, but she shared it with those within her own family and even black women around America.  All black women need to understand many times, the belief system within their families is the reason why they fail to believe they no longer have to wear hair weaves, hair pieces and wigs.

Fear is is one of the biggest factors among many black women.  If they naturally grow their hair out, they are so afraid of their family members and even their closet friends talking about them.   They fear they will feel like an outcast among some ignorant black women whom may ask crazy questions like, 'you don't have money to get your hair done or-what happened to your hair...or-you want me to hook you up with my stylist...?   The crazy questions and ridiculous comments just go on an one and it is not just some black women whom give others a hard time for naturally growing their hair, but also some ignorant black men in the family and even those whom are strangers.  The secret, black women in one family should agree they do not have to wear weaves or wigs to have long hair, they can grow it, but they must feel secure to wear it natural to promote faster and healthier growth.

Insecurity, is one of the biggest problems among many black women.   Thinking about what their race feel about natural hair has kept many of them from enjoying being an original black woman.  An original black woman is one whom is not insecure to be herself, inside and out and this includes wearing her natural hair.  Natural beauty is the second greatest assets, the first one is spirituality, in connection with God.  Many black women within a family can hold one from feeling confident to wear the natural hair, God has given to her.

Even if the women in your family do not agree to wear natural hair, then you should get rid of the fear and be confident in order to grow long healthy hair for yourself.  Of course, you do not need other women in your family to be in agreement with you, just be confident yourself and when they see your natural hair grow long, they will follow you, because you were not insecure to follow their old mentality of wearing wigs and weaves in order to enjoy long hair. 

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