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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Black hair can grow very long, once you learn how to properly care for it

Black women, you can grow real long hair, but if you have not managed how to properly care for it, you will never ever see it grow long.    As yourself, what are you doing to care for your hair?  Possibly, you are wearing wigs and weaves, simply because you do not want to deal with trying to de-tangle your kinky hair, because the more it natural grows out, the more hard you feel it is to manage it.   Some black women like sticking to straightening their hair, anyway they can, simply because they do not like to be identified as a real black woman.

You must continue to stay away from chemically treating your hair with perms and even dyes.   You must make a decision to stay away from using hot combs and even hot blow drying your hair.   One of the main reasons why most black women have not learned how to break this bad habit of straightening their hair, is simply their mindset.  Many black women of the 21st century hate being black and dealing with part of the identity that comes along with it, kinky hair.   Black women, do you realize when you hate your kinky hair, you are hating the identity of Jesus Christ?   Jesus Christ had woolish hair and when you hate that trait about yourself, you are offending Him.  Think about sisters, maybe this is why you can't get a prayer through.  You cannot expect for Christ to do anything for you, if you hate your identical hair to His.  So the first thing you have got to do, is change your mindset began loving yourself with kinky hair.  Stop saying you have bad hair, there is no such a thing as black hair being bad, it's beautiful hair, which is identical to the Son of God.  Now admitting you have difficulty managing your hair is another issue, but this is what natural creams and twist outs are for.   

Now, many of you black women may feel you do not have the time to do twist outs, but really this is the best way to grow out your hair, it also will naturally stretch your hair. Take your time, part your hair, then twist it, then twirl it around your finger until you place a band around it.  Now, just sit down and drink a cup of coffee or tea and watch this sister show you how to do a twist out, which may take about an hour, possibly twice a week.  Just one more thing, you do not have to do this every night, you do it every three days, or two days, if you feel you need to refresh your twist-outs, sooner.   Sisters, once you learn how to twist your hair, then you will enjoy your natural hair without prejudice.

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