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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Black Woman Simply Uses Grease and Water to Grow Long Hair

This black woman on You Tube really shows you can go the "Old School" way of growing your hair, just by using grease and water.   Sisters, do you recall years ago when we were little girls back in the 1970's and then, in our pre-teen years by the early 80's, our mothers would use grease and water? Most of us sisters had shoulder length hair.   That's the key, not being European minded to think we always have to straighten our hair, but go back to doing what are mothers and grandmothers did.   Just look at how beautiful and long this sister's hair is! 

We want to thank SAPerrin1970 for showing her videos, because she shows how humble we ought to be.   All of us true sisters need to appreciate how our mothers originally took care of our hair and it grew, naturally.   When we got to the 1980's, that's when we saw most black women straightening their hair, wearing perms, because not many of our sisters wanted to show their Afrocentric origins of their natural hair, what a shame, it cost us dearly over the years, too.

Many of us black women did not know any better as soon as we became big teenagers, but we were robbed of our heritage by the booming business of perms and relaxers and our hair began falling out.   All of those years our mothers grew our hair long was gone.  Why?   Simply, because as usual many black women want to become involved with trends, doing what others do. Even some of our mothers did not know any better when they began allowing these "new age" hair dressers to chemically process our hair.   Around the beginning of 1983 or 1984, the trend of straightening black hair with that extensively burning whipped cream did us more harm than good.  It should have never been important to appear European, simply because we were becoming more diverse, but thank God many us have found the light.  Now, we are returning to our roots of simply just using grease and water like this proud black woman, you see here.

Furthermore, using water is what really grows your hair, because you get moisture and when you use grease on your hair with it, it gives it a shine.

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