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Monday, September 3, 2012

Where Did Black Hair is not Good Hair come From???

In our American society, anything connected with the black race usually was always said to be bad by the majority of people of any race, but especially among many black people. For many years, it was the desire of many African Americans yearning to have a white trace of blood.    From the time of the civil rights movement, if a black person had naturally wavy hair and they could trace their ancestry to European descent, they were treated much better within the black community.  Why?   Because for many years, many African Americans hated being too black and so, they identified kinky hair as being bad hair.   Kinky hair was not easy to comb as some whom were of Mulatto descent.  As you noticed we said "some," not all Mulatto or bi-racial people have naturally wavy and fine hair, many of them have the genes of kinky woolly hair, because genetically their genes are of mostly of black descent.

Within the black race for too long there has been a deep hatred for kinky hair, which came after the death of Dr. Martin Luther King as blacks became equal with white Americans.   Then, after the end of Huey P. Newton's movement, many African Americans thought they had arrived as they became more accepted in America.   If you recall, the less unity there was among black people, the more many of them hated their hair and anything else that had to do with being black, themselves.   Self-hatred became the norm within most African American families during the 1980's.  Those of us whom lived in the era can recall how unpopular it was to go natural as black mothers no longer platted their daughter's hair and pressed their hair only on certain occasions, it was the norm to always use hair relaxers and perms and many black women used them too often.  Then we began to see a lot of black women and black girls with much shorter hair.   We cannot imagine during the era of slavery, the slaves processing their hair to be straight, because there was no doubt of who they were as a people.   Most likely, because they were whipped, lynched and overworked, they had no interest to identify with their white slave-masters. 

As black girls we grew up hearing our parents describe certain black people as having good hair when really the were secretly processing their hair to make it look that way, most of the time.  Then when a lot of teen girls expected to get a date or be approached by a good looking guy, they made sure they did not have to compete with the other girls and straightened their hair.    You see, although they may not have had naturally straight hair, they wanted to identify with having what they called, 'good hair.'   What is good hair and what is bad hair came from ignorance of many African Americans whom always claimed to be anything other than what God created them to be, black and anyone whom even attempted to grow out their natural hair and did not straighten their hair during the 1980's were looked down on as less intelligent and less beautiful.   They were badly mistreated by many who made mockery of their naturally kinky hair and so in order to avoid such humiliation while struggling to maintain its' kinks most blacks chose to process their hair.  Unfortunately, what was called bad hair became damaged and many black women were unable to ever grow their own hair and in the late 1980's beginning depending on weaves to wear a longer length of hair.

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