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Saturday, November 10, 2012

Black Women, can you really grow your hair using garlic? Is It Difficult to Grow Long Hair Using Sulfur?

The question was asked the other day among a few black women whom were a part of a discussion on techniques for growing long hair.   At this meeting, a few of AT2W journalists heard various remedies that would solve the problem of black women trying to get their hair to grow past a certain length.   There are so many ways you can grow your hair back, even if it has gotten to the stage of Alopecia, but one of the best ways is to use sulfur.

The disadvantage of using sulfur is the strong smell and it all depends on what type of sulfur you use.   Do you recall that old brand, Glover's our grandmothers suggested we use?   It seemed to work for a while, but the strong smell would embarrass us in front of our closet friends and at night when we covered our heads, the potent scent would get on our satin bonnets.  We agree the product does work overtime, but there are other ways to use sulfur to grow your hair really long.   Another traditional brand that was good for growing long hair is Sulfur 8, unlike Glover's ointment, Sulfur 8 may have always had a strong smell to it, but the scent was pleasant and it still comes in two types of ointments.   We can understand why both companies are still making a lot of money, simply because their products do work, except many of us black women do not want to deal with too much grease on our hair.   

So, what options do we have other than those two specific brands if we want to try using sulfur on our hair?   The answer is right in your grocery store. However, we want to encourage you to buy (methylsulfonylmethane) MSM which is a safe organic form of sulfur.  According to, MSM is considered to be safe, there isn't an established RDA dosage, but a typical range is 1,000 to 3,000 mg daily.  Sulfur is in all types of vegetables, you should eat on a daily basis, but specifically, we advise you to use onion on your hair to regrow it.  In the onion family, garlic retains the highest in sulfur, but the juice in both is good for growing long hair, especially when it comes to alopecia.   We do not make any promises, but we have heard of several cases of men and women whom lost their hair, because of Alopecia and either using the juice from onions or garlic grew it back.

How exactly would you use garlic (or onion) on your hair?, gives you step by step instructions using a blender and we also realized you can cut up a piece of garlic (or onion) and just circulate it on your bald spot that stimulates hair growth, they suggest leaving it on for about an hour, then rinsing it out.

For this technique of using garlic, we suggest you wear a shirt as though you are ready to mess it up, because if the garlic drips on your shirt, it will smell until you wash it.  One of our journalists at Real Long Hair came up with a solution of just cutting up two clusters of elephant garlic in a jar and letting it sit in the refrigerator.  After about 2 or 3 weeks, the juice sets in and you can smell it as soon as you take the jar out of the refrigerator, it is so strong, that's how you know it is really prepared to use on your hair.   She heated small half in a bowl in the microwave, just enough to warm it a bit, let's say about 5 to 10 seconds, (it can be very messy, but well worth it).  Then, she poured the juice all into her hair until it saturated into her scalp over the sink.   She repeatedly rubbed it in a circular motion, making sure it got all over her head, then she used a conditioner rinse.  Then she covered her hair with a plastic cap (you may want to also use a plastic bag, because it will drip a lot) and let it sit in her hair for 1 to 2 hours.   Now, you may use shampoo, but the reason why she preferred conditioner is so not all of the moisture and garlic would be rinsed out.  Also, she wanted to continue to feel that tingling sensation and believe us, we tried it and not only does our hair feel much stronger, it tingling feels very good to our scalp, even the next day, this is how we know it is working.

According to, one 40-year-old man used garlic for his Alopecia and it grew his hair back in 5 days.  Look at the very first thread.  So black women, don't give up, God always has natural ways to regrow your hair.

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