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Friday, November 16, 2012

Will Regular Castor Oil Grow Black Hair Like Jamaican Castor Oil?

The question was asked among a few ladies at a salon in Charlotte, does regular castor oil grow your hair like Jamaican castor oil?  Of course, it all depends on what works for you, but we have heard several testimonies from some black women whom have grown really long hair just by using regular store bought castor oil.   It all depends on how you use it and how much you are using on your scalp.

Many African Americans prefer Jamaican castor oil.  According to, it is good for all hair types.  The reason why many people prefer Jamaican Black Castor Oil is simply because it is not just good for the hair, but all types of ailments and has been known as a health remedy. It comes in a dark brown color and has a strong scent. Jamaican black castor oil has been used for many centuries, since the slave trade It is the herbs mixed into Jamaican castor oil that really gives you the benefits of growing long and healthy hair. Allegedly, the company claims there product is more effective than the clear castor oil and not only grows your hair, but it thickens and moisturizes it. Jamaican castor oil supposedly can grow your hair much faster.  The same as regular castor oil, Jamaican castor oil grows eyelashes and eyebrows. Some testimonies of people who have used clear castor oil claim to have allegedly experienced the same as you will see at the end of this article.   However, you should choose whatever works for you.

Now, some black women may experience skin irritation, simply because either they are putting too much on their scalp or their skin just does not agree with it.   So, you have to test a small portion of your scalp to really know if using regular castor oil will work for you.  One of our journalist tried Kroger's brand and it worked, but after so many months she became discouraged to continue her regimen.   After learning how to use it, sparingly, she began her regimen again and now her hair seems to be growing, very healthy.   

When using regular castor oil as a hair growth remedy, use it sparingly and try mixing it with another oil and even a few more.  You can try mixing it with olive or jojoba oil. Regular castor oil, Jamaican or any other type of oil is too thick and it will clog your pores and as you already know, if your hair can't breath, it won't grow.   So, after you mix your castor oil with another one to make it lighter, just dab one drop at a time on your scalp and still, do not over do it.

How does castor oil grow hair?  It stimulates hair follicles, after penetrating into your scalp.

Watch these two clips of one woman who has tried the regular clear castor oil, then the other one who has used Jamaican castor oil.

Testimony Results from using castor oil

Testimony Results from using Jamaican Castor Oil

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