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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Hair Relaxers are Unhealthy to Black Women’s Health

...We only want people to be aware of the health consequences because the associations of relaxers being dangerous to black women's health is becoming very real.

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Hair Relaxers are Unhealthy to Black Women’s Health, Doctors May Agree [VIDEO] | AT2W

Monday, June 17, 2013

Black Women, You Can Grow Long Hair: Look at Reniece's Real Black Hair Showcase

Greetings dear sisters, we just happen to be watching Reniece's real black hair showcase and we were so amazed at the all of the positive results.   Although, you are advised to consult with a hair professional to see what your hair specifically needs, you should also be inspired by what you see on this following video.  Many of you do not think you can grow long hair, but with a protective styling regimen, your hair could grow very long.   After watching these black women reveal such long hair length, you will discover there is no excuse for not trying a protective styling regimen.

Now, if you do not know what protective styling is, please look at one of our previous articles, we covered it.   However, the meaning is very simple: 'Styling the hair in such a way that prevents damage from everyday elements.'  When you wear your protective styles, do not forget to keep your hair moisturized on a weekly basis.  There is more information on the following video.  Learn and enjoy.

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Video/Photo: Renieces Hair TV

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Black Women Can Grow Long Hair after it's damaged

black women can grow long hair 

In case many of you sisters are wondering if your hair is too damaged to grow back, don't believe it. You can grow long hair, even after it may not have been healthy for a long time. One of the main things you need to do, is stop believing your hair can ever be healthy and grow beautifully long.  

If your hair is damaged black women, start by relieving yourself from stressful situations. Many of us cannot help being in stressful situations that may have something to do with an troubled environment, a nagging job, troubled marriage, rebellious teens, bad relationship or friendship. However, somehow you must think first, then create a solution to solve the problem. So many times, your hair is damaged and won't grow because you are emotionally and spiritually stressed out. Possibly, you are around people whom are full of negativity, many times that can stress you out a...Read full article, here.

Source: Souls of Black Women, 2nd Edition
Photo: Comstock 

Friday, April 19, 2013

Best Black Hair Products: Woman Says Aphogee Can Grow Hair Over 18 inches Long

Sisters, this woman is kind enough to share here secrets on how she grew her hair over 18 inches long and it's for real.   When we saw her results, we were amazed of the length.  She mentioned she started using specific Aphogee products over a year ago.   She also mentions a couple of other products that is grease base, but she does not put it on her roots, which is the trick.   Watch the video and be inspired to grow your hair over 18 inches long.

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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Coconut Oil Is not Just Good for Growing Black Hair, but also a Good Conditioner for to Keep it healthy

Black women, when you use coconut oil, it will not just stop breakage, but it works good with your natural proteins and strengthens the fiber in your hair.  Coconut is good for growing your hair, because it contains Lauric Acid.  Lauric Acid, a microbial action on the scalp and hair roots which prevents hair loss and stops split ends.  For older people, it is also good to keep  hair beautifully jet black.

If you have tried everything that seems to fail to grow your hair while keeping it healthy you should try Coconut Oil, it's not only a natural blessing from God, it's a miracle oil for maintaining our hair.  According to, Coconut oil is a plant-based oil extracted from the kernel of the coconut with a high concentration of saturated fatty acids, lauric acid, capric acid and vitamins E and K. In its natural unprocessed state, coconut oil has a high moisture retaining capacity and does not breakdown or evaporate easily when it is applied to the hair and penetrates the hair shaft. This is highly beneficial to black hair that is challenged by its inability to consume and retain moisture. Coconut oil's high concentration of fatty acids also nourishes your hair with protein that produces strong and long, soft and shiny hair.  The article went onto to suggest using coconut oil as a shampoo, a daily conditioner and
also a deep conditioner.

We encourage you to try it, because it is not so heavy on your hair as other oils.  For daily conditioning, you can apply it to your roots and massage your hair from roots to the ends.  You can also leave it on for 30 minutes or more before washing your hair, three times a week.   You can also allow it to penetrate by massaging it into your scalp and and covering your hair overnight, then shampoo and rinse well in the morning. 

If any chance you are not pleased with results within three months time, you can discontinue using it.  However, as far as we've heard, there has been nothing but alleged positive results by some black women using Coconut Oil not to just grow their hair, but to keep it healthy and prevent hair loss.

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Photo: Stockbyte

Saturday, March 9, 2013

10 Ways to Make Your Hair Grow Long and Healthy

Sisters, here are 10 ways to help grow your hair long and healthy.   We encourage you to not just try these techniques once and forget them, but always remember them if you ever want to experience having long hair.  Some of you have given up, because you think black women cannot grow long hair, but we have seen too many of our sisters showing positive results.  One of the main reasons why they have achieved positive results of growing long hair, is simply because they continued to do what worked best.  If you have been trying to grow long hair and nothing seems to work, just make a wise decision to take action and not give up.

  1. Always keep a lot of moisture in your hair.  Make sure black women, you always use products that will give your hair a lot of moisture and not dry it out.  There are some products on the market that have a lot of damaging ingredients that are not good for black hair. The next time you visit your beauty supply store, read the label and make sure you are buying products that adds moisture to your hair.  Ingredients such as alcohol, parabens and sulfate are not good for black hair.  Make sure you drink a lot of water.  
  2. Regularly co-wash your hair, this means just using a conditioner to wash your hair. When you do this you will not strip the natural oils out of your hair.  Speaking of co-washing, we would advise to only use shampoo one time a month to wash your hair and make sure it has natural ingredients without chemicals, which we mentioned above.
  3. Never use heat in your hair.  When you regularly use heat in your hair, you kill it.  If you use any heat, make sure it's very minimal at a low temperature.
  4. Use the right hair tools that won't pull your hair and strip it.  When using a comb, make sure it is a wide tooth one.  When using a brush, make sure it is a boar bristle hair brush.
  5. Make sure you cut off your split ends regularly. Always trim your hair. Some black women think they do not have to worry about trimming their hair when they go from a relaxer to a natural style.  However, either way you must always make sure your hair is trimmed so your hair will not become damaged.   When you do not trim your ends, your hair won't ever grow, if it barely does, it will be very uneven.
  6. Keep heavy oils out of your hair.  It's okay to grow your hair with light oils and cremes, but there are some heavy oils some black women apply to their scalps that are not good, because this prevents air from getting into the roots of your hair.  Your hair needs air in order to grow.
  7. Stay away from hair relaxers and perms.  Black women, one of the best ways to grow your hair is to go natural.  Some of you may not think you look good with natural hair, but once you moisturize your hair on a daily basis and learn how to wear protective styles you will fall in love with wearing your hair, naturally.  When you naturally grow your hair, you will experience it also being very strong and healthy.
  8. Keep a healthy diet. Make sure you always eat a lot of fruits and vegetables.  When you decide to eat healthy food that is good for your body, then your hair will benefit from it.  Whatever effects your body will indeed effect your hair, negatively or positively.   Many of you sisters may not be health conscious, but it's never too late to start.
  9. Make sure you always cover your hair before you go to bed. Cover your hair with a satin cap, not cotton.  This protects your hair from breakage.  It is a bad habit for a lot of sisters to get sleepy and just lay on their hair night after night, which is not good.  Make it a habit to always sleep with a satin cap.
  10. Do not pull your hair.  Stay away from hair bands and tight styles like wearing hair extensions, for example.  When you pull your hair, you cause Alopecia, which could cause permanent bald spots.
Photo: Fuse/Comstock

    Friday, March 8, 2013

    Black Women, Eat a lot of Protein and Grow Long Healthy Hair

    Sisters, let us first ask you when you eat your daily meals, do you include a lot of protein?  If you do not eat a lot, you still need an ample amount for your hair to grow, very healthy.  In one of our previous articles, we discussed why it is very harmful for you to regularly eat greasy and fast foods.  Many of you lack protein in your diet and we will give you reasons why you need it, if you ever want to grow long hair.

    If you desire to prevent hair loss, you should increase your intake of protein.   Some of you black women do not eat a lot of fish.  You can get all the benefits just by taking fish and flaxseed oil supplements on a daily basis.   However, it is also good to buy fresh fish like salmon and bake it.  Also, you will be able to get a lot of protein by eating certain fruits and vegetables, besides whey protein.

    Specifically fruits, according to, avocado, figs and peaches are very high in protein.  Avocado is a rich source of other nutrients besides protein. It provides zinc, folic acid and fiber.  Peaches provide provides 2 grams of protein and dried figs can be several times higher than in mere fresh figs, according to

    Specifically vegetables, according to, soybeans, lentils, beans, peas and artichokes are very high in protein.  Eating soybeans will give you 29 grams of protein per cup.   Lentils will give you 18 grams of protein per cup.  Black beans, kidney beans and garbanzos are also members from the legumes family, which will give you 13 grams of protein per cup.  Specifically, blackeye peas will give you  the highest protein level of 11 grams per cup and artichokes will give you about 6 grams of protein per cup.

    There are protein in your hair cells is called keratin, which promotes healthy hair strands.  Healthy hair largely requires a sufficient intake of protein, because it is mostly made up of it, so this is why you need to regularly eat it to continue growing long healthy hair.  If you want to prevent hair breakage eat a lot of protein.  According to, the amount of protein each person needs daily varies on an individual basis by weight, height, and other factors. Persons with weak immune systems or illnesses, such as anemia, may require more. An average person requires between 1.4 to 2.5 ounces (40 and 70 grams) of protein daily. 

    Photo: Fancy 

    Monday, March 4, 2013

    Black Women, Grow Your Hair Faster and Stronger with Mira Hair Oil

    black women grow long hair faster
    Now, we don't want you to think just because the lady on this following video is Caucasian Mira Hair Oil just works for white women. Pay close attention to what she says, she informs us that her hear was very short and did not grow as much until she began using this product. Sisters, a lot of products that European women use, is also good for our hair, not all the time, but sometimes. The second video we will reveal is a black woman who gives a positive testimony after using Mira Hair Oil. Have you tried various natural products to get your hair to grow stronger and thicker, but it didn't work? It's time for you to...Read full article, here.

    Source: Real Long Hair
    Photo: Cultural 

    Friday, February 15, 2013

    3 Best Hair Products for Black Women to Possibly Help Grow Hair

    Black women, when using some of these products, we would suggest to keep chemicals and heat out of your hair, so you may see positive results.  We don't make promises for hair growth, we just are going by the reviews for some of the hair products you will read about.   Many of you black women have severe loss and we would suggest you seek professional advice before testing any of these products.  However, if you have a physical ailment, please realize a lot of times, you may experience hair loss, because of the disease, but it does not have to remain that way, especially if you are blessed to be healed of any sort of illness.  The Real Long Hair journalists wish you the best, after trying these products, but please use them with precaution.

    Hair Oil - Neno Natural's Hair Growth Stimulator

    According to Neno Natural, Neno Natural's Hair Growth Stimulator has been carefully formulated to nourish your hair and stimulate your roots to grow. Ingredients scientifically proven to promote hair growth; Increases you scalp's health; Non-greasy oil; Will help reduce dandruff and keep pores unblocked; No artificial colours or fragrances.  For more information and this hair, go straight to


    Gro-aut Hair Oil

    According to, Gro-Aut (grow out) Hair Oil - This patented formula promotes hair growth by penetrating the hair shafts driving herbal nutrients into the hair follicles. Customer reviews reveal that gro-aut oil "Fills bald patches, reverses hair loss, or simply grows the long hair you have always desired". With use of this herbal oil and our Gro-Aut shampoo, hair appears to 'grow out' overnight! You'll see noticeable results in as little as 7 days. For the best results, follow our hair care regime.

      Nzuri Hair Follicle Food 61- Ancient Miracle Hair Growth Oil

    According to, Nzuri Hair Follicle Food 61 has a special scientific blend of over 61 holistic herbal extracts, essential oils and vitamins to nourish and feed your hair follicles which house the root of your hair. The follicle is the foundation of healthy hair. Similiiar products sell for 2 x's as much. This product absolutely delivers all that is promised.


    Sunday, February 3, 2013

    Can You Grow Your Hair with Extensions although Your Allergic to Synthetic or Human Hair

    Do you find yourself trying to use hair extensions to grow your hair, although you are allergic to synthetic or human hair of any brand?   Sisters, we can recall when we endured a normal itch after getting our hair braided, but nowadays, we hear these companies are allegedly using chemicals before packaging the hair to be sold.   So many black women are allergic to synthetic or human hair, we are surprised they are still able to sell it, they should be losing money and discontinuing their products, by now.

    One of our journalists can recall braiding her hair back in 2005 with synthetic hair, then she had to take them out the next few days.   She didn't stop there, she then bought the human hair and it still broke her out.  She tried using it again around 2007, it was the same issue, but even worst, she had such a bad allergic reaction, she began using Neosprin, Hydrocrotosone cream, Aloe Vera gel or whatever would calm down the burning itch and this was after using the human hair.  There comes a time in life when you realize, it just won't work.   As you know human hair, cost much more than the synthetic hair, so she lost a lot of money after retrying both types, again.    

    You maybe wondering what is the solution, black women?   We urge you to grow your own hair naturally without ever using hair extensions, simply because you are absolutely wasting your time, energy and money.  The long hours it takes for you to braid your hair, you could be doing something else and the money you spend could be spent on something you would find more useful.  Make a wise choice, never to retry using hair extensions to grow your hair, because it will may never work, after you have already tried a few times.  The allergic reaction can be so annoying, it's just not worth it.  Gone are those days when we were in our late teens and early 20's when companies processed the hair much different.   As black women, let's be smart and think wisely, we do not make the hair, so why spend money on it, especially if we do not know what chemicals these companies are allegedly using to process the hair.

    The same thing goes for weaves, there are some black women whom have experienced an allergic reaction after getting weaves attached to their own hair.  Our advice, have it immediately removed and start growing your own hair.   You may wonder how you will style your own kinky hair, because it maybe so difficult to manage?  Try using a creme and twisting your hair, which many sisters have resulted to these days and they appear very nice too.

    How to Do a Twist Out

    Photo: The Agency Collection
    Photo: Photodisc

    Sunday, January 13, 2013

    Why Vitamin B is Important to Grow Long Hair

    Vitamin B increases hair growth and if your body lacks it, then you cannot expect your hair to grow long and be healthy.   When you go shopping at your nearest grocery story or health and nutrition outlet, you should make sure you purchase Biotin and other various B vitamins.   You may have learned how to use certain techniques by reading our previous articles, but it makes no sense to do them, if you are not including Vitamin B in your diet and also taking it on a daily basis. 

    Many of you maybe trying to go natural and wonder why you are not growing any inches of hair.  You cannot just stop putting chemicals and heat in your hair, you have to include all sorts of vitamin B vitamins and do everything that is necessary to help to grow your hair and keep it healthy.   For example, you maybe taking a lot of protein, but your body also needs B vitamins in order for your hair to keep growing and keep it strong.   Did you know B3 helps increase circulation to the scalp, which increases hair growth? Vitamin B3 niacin  is very important for growing hair.  Therefore, you should make sure you never lack B3, including all other B vitamins, which is in the form of the Vitamin B complex supplement.  However, you have to be very careful when taking certain B vitamins, according to, there are side effects when taking biotin which is not good for people whom are diabetic and too much of vitamin B complex intake can be dangerous.  Then, there are other cons that are not good, so please see our source.

    We are going to reveal which vegetables retain various B vitamins, which will also help your hair to grow very long.  According to 3FatChicks, there are 9 specific vegetables that contain Vitamin B6, so take your pick which ones you will eat per day, at least a cup:
    1. Avocado (be careful it is high in calories and fat.) 2. Spinach 3. Potatoes (be careful not to eat too much if you are on a diet.) 4. Peas 5. Asparagus 6. Red Bell Pepper 7. Broccoli 8. Cauliflower 9. Carrots
    It is good to eat certain foods that will give you a good dietary source of B vitamins, for example: Liver and egg yolks are high in biotin, soy products and some cereals will give you a high natural source of B12, according to
    Remember sisters, you can do certain things to grow your hair, but if you are not doing everything combined, do not expect your hair to grow long and healthy.   

    Wednesday, January 2, 2013

    Can you use Garlic Pills to Grow Your Hair Like Fresh Garlic?

    We happened to hear a negative testimony about growing your hair using garlic pills.   The question is, can you use garlic pills to grow your hair like fresh garlic?   Absolutely yes, but-it you will have to use a whole lot of garlic pills to use for your entire head, but they do work.  This article will teach you to never listen to naysayers, you should always try it out for yourself.

    Pay close attention to what happened last week among a few of our journalists who went shopping at a discount store.  Usually, none of us thought the vitamins sold at this particular store would be of good quality, although it showed 1,000 milligrams.   Personally, one of us shared the story how we heard the woman on You Tube mention garlic pills did not work for growing hair.   When we saw the pills in this particular store, we instantly remembered what we discussed and decided to purchase the garlic pills, anyway.   Once we split the pills, one of us decided to use one that very evening.  That next day, one of our journalists honestly started seeing new growth at her temples.  The next morning, we all witnessed this miracle.   Now sisters, let us be very real with you, garlic comes from God like other vegetables, so we know it should work.   So you see, garlic pills have to work, because they come from the real garlic of the onion family.

    Does the fresh garlic treatment also work overnight?   It all depends on how much garlic you are preserving in a jar and how long it has a chance to dissolve.   For example, you can trying cutting up about 6 to 9 cloves of garlic in a mayonnaise jar, instead of just three and let it sit for at least two weeks.  Although three garlic cloves may grow your hair, if you multiply the amount, it maybe more effective than just using 3, because remember, you are not using the whole jar of treatment at one time.  Therefore, if you multiply the amount, you may see the same results overnight as using the pills.   Use your own judgement and please use percaution and make sure you are not allergic, which we will discuss later on, in this article.

    If you should decide to use garlic pills, make sure they are at least 1,000 mg, so you can get the full benefit of it.   On the particular box of garlic pills we bought, it read: 'one pill equals 3 bulbs', so you know it miraculously worked overnight.   The disadvantage for using it for your full head of hair is that you will have to poke open a whole bunch of pills.  So we would advise you to use them for your edges, temples and other bald spots and use our fresh garlic treatment for your full head of hair. Therefore, you are using it both ways and can experience the full benefit of the pure garlic, both ways.   If so, wait to your hair is dry to use the garlic pills on a daily basis or every other day.  Again, if you want to use the fresh garlic treatment, please carefully follow our previous article, if you think you are allergic, please discontinue use, instantly.  You can test a patch of hair, first, before you do your entire head of hair, the same for the garlic pill.

    The biggest lesson sisters, if someone tells you something does not work, don't listen to them.  We assume this woman was either lying, because she did not want to share her secret with other black women or-she just bought a low quality brand of garlic pills.


    Happy New Year's 2013, Real Long Hair

    Greetings, Souls of Real Long Hair readers, we just wanted to wish you a Happy New Year's 2013.   We hope you are doing well and are looking to fulfill your New Year's resolution.   Remember, none of us would be here if it was not for God, so make sure you are saved and you totally surrender your life to the Lord Jesus Christ.

       Anything you want God to do in your life, just trust and believe Him and He will do it.   Remember to praise Him and rejoice everyday, no matter how hard life may get.   Each and every year may not be what you want it to be, but you have to make sure you are grateful God gave you life.   So, let us all be grateful and celebrate this year, giving all of our praises to God.