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Sunday, February 3, 2013

Can You Grow Your Hair with Extensions although Your Allergic to Synthetic or Human Hair

Do you find yourself trying to use hair extensions to grow your hair, although you are allergic to synthetic or human hair of any brand?   Sisters, we can recall when we endured a normal itch after getting our hair braided, but nowadays, we hear these companies are allegedly using chemicals before packaging the hair to be sold.   So many black women are allergic to synthetic or human hair, we are surprised they are still able to sell it, they should be losing money and discontinuing their products, by now.

One of our journalists can recall braiding her hair back in 2005 with synthetic hair, then she had to take them out the next few days.   She didn't stop there, she then bought the human hair and it still broke her out.  She tried using it again around 2007, it was the same issue, but even worst, she had such a bad allergic reaction, she began using Neosprin, Hydrocrotosone cream, Aloe Vera gel or whatever would calm down the burning itch and this was after using the human hair.  There comes a time in life when you realize, it just won't work.   As you know human hair, cost much more than the synthetic hair, so she lost a lot of money after retrying both types, again.    

You maybe wondering what is the solution, black women?   We urge you to grow your own hair naturally without ever using hair extensions, simply because you are absolutely wasting your time, energy and money.  The long hours it takes for you to braid your hair, you could be doing something else and the money you spend could be spent on something you would find more useful.  Make a wise choice, never to retry using hair extensions to grow your hair, because it will may never work, after you have already tried a few times.  The allergic reaction can be so annoying, it's just not worth it.  Gone are those days when we were in our late teens and early 20's when companies processed the hair much different.   As black women, let's be smart and think wisely, we do not make the hair, so why spend money on it, especially if we do not know what chemicals these companies are allegedly using to process the hair.

The same thing goes for weaves, there are some black women whom have experienced an allergic reaction after getting weaves attached to their own hair.  Our advice, have it immediately removed and start growing your own hair.   You may wonder how you will style your own kinky hair, because it maybe so difficult to manage?  Try using a creme and twisting your hair, which many sisters have resulted to these days and they appear very nice too.

How to Do a Twist Out

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