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Sunday, December 7, 2014

Who Says Black Women Cannot Grow Long Hair???

Just when are a lot of you black women going to stop believing the lie that we cannot grow long hair? Just look at this black woman care for her very long hair.   We see some different races of women flaunting and showing off their long stringy hair in front of us as though God doesn't love us and He cannot bless us.  However, the truth must be told, God does love us black women just the same. This black woman on this following video is about to show you how she cares for her very long hair.   It's her hair own too.   

Now, if you recall at Real Long Hair blog, our journalists over there informed you to stop wearing wigs and weaves.  Now, we yet say that about weaves, but under wigs, as long as you take care of your own hair, it can still grow very long. Take them off, sometimes.  However, you must do the necessary practices, such as washing and conditioning your own hair and making sure it is braided, which is a natural protected style beneath your wigs.  Although, this following video has nothing to do with wigs, we just wanted to inform you black sisters about that information.   One of the main keys to black women growing hair, (and don't ever forget this), is keeping moisture applied to your scalp.  Okay, take some time and watch this black woman wash and care for very own hair.    

God bless all of you black women who do not deny your are black, you are indeed our sisters, because you are not ashamed of who you are.

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Source and Photo:  YouTube Upload

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