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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Welcome to Real Long Hair

Hello ladies and welcome to our blog.  We are so happy you could be a part of our family.  We desire to not only help you grow your hair naturally, but also spiritually.   We feel uplifting your own spirits will most definitely add to the life of our hair.  After all who will care about black women, if we do not care about each other?  In this era, you can hardly find black women to care about each other, for all types of personal reasons.  So, we are here to not only help you grow your hair, but also uplift your spirit, if you will allow us to.

In this era, you will discover that many black women are wearing wigs, weaves, hair extensions, any sort of extra hair that gives enhancement, but no natural beauty and we are here to show a difference.   We want to go back to the days in the early 1970's and even before that when black women took care of their own hair and loved showing off their Afros to bring out their Afrocentric features.  Why?  Because America has made it a shame and a disgrace to be naturally black.  There is nothing wrong with wearing your natural hair and growing it out to appear like Pam Grier, one of the most dynamic black actresses of the early '70's who starred in blaxploitation films.   Realize this fact, if you keep covering your own hair with wigs, weaves and tightened the scalp with extensions, you will never get to enjoy your natural hair or even live to see how much it can grow.

Stay up to date with us, get yourself a cup of coffee and a doughnut and sit back and read to learn about growing black hair.

So, we say welcome, welcome, welcome and do not stop reading our blog, especially designed for the family of black women.

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