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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Houston Woman Creates Successful Business for Natural Hair Trend

We would like for you to see how popular natural hair has become among black women.  These black women are learning that it is time to be natural, who God created them to be without shame.   It is so beautiful to see these black women showing themselves natural without chemically straight hair.  They have learned the secret of being beautiful and that is simply being natural.

  As black women we need to watch more inspiring mentors like the creator of Uncle Funky's Daughter.  Tanya Reed created a product for black women...Read full article, here.

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Ten Steps for Black Women to Repair Damaged Hair and Regrowing It Back

Some of you ladies have lost all of your hair, because of over-processing it with relaxers, dyes and hot irons.  Many of you may have given up on regrowing your hair back the way it used to be or even more healthier.   However, we have the possible solution and we present 10 steps for you to repair your damaged hair and grow it back.  It may seem very difficult for to believe you can have healthy hair, again, but it is possible to restore it.   Many times, the strands of your hair are damaged, because your hair was not handled with ultimate care.   Your hair is just like a plant, when the root of your hair die beneath the scalp, your strands began to fall off.   Therefore, please take heed what we are about to tell you, in order to repair your damaged hair.

Many times, we as black women lose our hair, simply because of stress.   Overly processing your hair due to harsh chemicals and dyes are not always the only causes of you losing your hair, stress is a big problem for black women.  So, among these following steps we will also include what you can do to keep stress out of your life.   However, all of the negative factors could be the cause of you losing your hair.  For example, possibly a woman may have had a recent death in her family and cannot emotionally cope, so stress will not allow her hair to grow.   Another example, a woman could be going through a very stressful situation in her life, but also have over-processed her hair by relaxing and dying it at the same time.   Whatever caused you to lose your hair, you need to follow these ten steps and also seek guidance of a professional licensed beautician.

Here are the Ten Steps to Repair Your Damaged Hair and Regrow It Back

  1. Always cover your hair with a satin cap when you go to sleep.   Never go to sleep on your hair, which causes split ends.  Many black women cannot grow hair past a certain length, simply because they fail to sleep in a satin cap.  
  2. If you have lost your hair, because of split-ends and not regularly clipping the very tips of your hair, then you should began the process whenever needed.   Be very sure when you allow a licensed beautician to clip your ends, do not allow them to clip too much, only the tips needs to be cut off. However, if your hair is damaged, you or your licensed beautician should cut off the damaged hair.  This will allow it to grow back normal.  A lot of times. you may need to clip it off into an even natural, so it can start a normal and healthy regrowth.  However, it may take several months, in order for you to see new growth.   At this stage, do not put a relaxer, perm or dye in your hair, allow your hair to rest, so the roots can start a fresh process for regrowth.  After losing your hair because of a bad perm or relaxer, we advise you to seek the advice of a professional beautician.   It would be very wise to allow them to completely remove your dead hair.  Dead hair are usually strands that will not grow anymore, because they have been so damaged from harsh chemicals or split ends.   
  3. A lot of times, when you see black women wearing a natural Afro, it is simply because they are giving their hair a rest and want it to grow normally without any chemicals causing further damage.   So, it would be a good idea, if you join them and enjoy your hair growing out, naturally.   You may have a difficult time managing it at first, because it is very kinky, but it is better for to buy hair softeners in a spray, creme or lotion, rather than to abuse your hair with any more chemicals or hot irons straitening it.  Learn to apply gentle cremes and leave-in conditioners in your natural hair, most times this is what your hair wants, is simply to rest and grow at its natural coarse.
  4. Avoid covering your hair with wigs and weaves. Keep wigs and weaves off of your hair.  Ladies, your hair needs to breath.   Your hair loves air so you must avoid always covering it, you will suffocate your scalp.  Your scalp needs to breath in order to grow hair.  Many times, some black women have a bad habit of not taking care of their own hair, but are so quickly to place wigs or a weaves on top of it.   This is one of the main reasons why we do not see many black women wearing and growing their own hair.   Because it takes too much time, many of them just do not want to bother with their beautiful kinky hair.  So, you must learn to take care of your own hair and do not avoid taking care of repairing your damaged hair.  Take the time to make sure your own hair is getting the proper care it needs, in order to grow.  Even better, you will save a lot of money, if you stop spending it on fake hair.
  5. Learn how to regularly massage your scalp.  If you regularly massage your scalp, you will allow your blood vessels to circulate, which is very good for normal hair growth.
  6. Stop using grease and sulfur in your hair.   Heavy grease will clog up your pores and your hair will never grow.  However, it is okay to use a very light oil, but heavy grease is never good, if you desire to grow your hair and grow it long.  As for sulfur, many black women use sulfur to regrow their hair, but use heat along with it.   If you use heat on your hair, sulfur will take your hair out.  You should never use sulfur when applying heat to your hair and many black women have ended up bald-headed because of this.   We do not advise you using sulfur or any heat, at all, because hot combs and irons is not good for your hair and sulfur is too greasy, so neither are good.
  7. Wash your hair, at least twice a week.  Now, a lot of licensed beauticians do not advise you to wash your hair too often, but ladies it is a known fact your hair loves water.  Even Oprah Winfrey's hair stylist, Andre Walker allegedly stated this fact on her show.  As we mentioned in the above point #2, your hair is like a plant, it just does not love air and wants to breath, it also loves water.   So we advise you to wash your hair at least twice a week, so you can keep a clean scalp.
  8. Make sure to always eat right.  As we have instructed you in our previous articles, if you do not eat right, your hair cannot grow.  Eating more fruits and vegetables and less fast food is always a plus for growing long and healthy hair.  If you keep a healthy diet, your hair will remain strong and do not be surprised how long it may grow. Also, regularly flush your system with water to get rid of all of the toxins and keep bad waste out of your body.
  9. Learn to not comb your hair so much and brush it, regularly.   Some beauticians do not like bristle brushes, in our opinion bristle boar brushes (by Goody or Conair) are good if you are wearing your natural hair, because any other sort of brush would be too weak to handle it.
  10. As we mentioned above, many black women are under a lot of stress, due to financial and personal family issues and bad relationships.   Stress will cause your hair not to grow and may even break off, if you experience a sudden tragedy or death in your family.  So, this is what you need to do: You need to become a very spiritual person.  Keep God in your life and remain in His Word.  Listen to Praise and Worship and even classical music.   Do not allow life to get you down. Sometimes, life can get the best of us, our hair is badly affected and will not grow.  So, you need to relax, be spiritual and find something you like to do.  Do not spend too much time thinking on negative things or even painful situations in your past.   God will help you get the stress out of your life if you seek Him.   So, stay busy living for Him and remain busy with something you like to do.   You can choose any hobby like getting involved with doing daily exercises or taking swimming lessons.   It does not matter how old or young you are, life can take a toll on you and you should not allow any negative spirits to cause stress in your life.   Your hair is a part of your body and it maybe damaged, all because of the emotional trauma in your life.  So, if you love your hair, you must learn how to keep stressful things or even negative people completely out of your life.

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    Friday, June 29, 2012

    Black Hair Will Grow Strong, Long and Healthy, If you eat these particular vegetables

    Now ladies, in our previous article, 'Change the Way You Eat and Grow Long Healthy Hair by eating fruits and vegetables', we told you why you should eat your fruits and vegetables, but we did not tell you which specific ones to eat.  You also did not learn what other sorts of natural foods is good to grow your hair.  Remember what we said, do no eat junk food, because what you put into your system will control how your hair will grow.  Greasy fast food may taste good, but it is not good for your.   So, we want to encourage you to continue to eat healthy foods, such as fruits, vegetables and other natural food that God made for our bodies.

    Now ladies, we first want to give you wisdom, as you grow older, you should enjoy eating the right foods that will keep your hair long.  Black hair can grow long, but you have must keep your bodies healthy.   Please do not chop off your hair, eat junk food, just because people are telling you that old myth, 'the older you get you need to chop your hair, because you look young', please do not do it. Many women run into trouble when they visit a licensed beautician who maybe spreading this myth that the older you get, the more younger you look. If you learn how to take care of your own hair, you will not have to spend your money for these stylists to chop of your hair you have been trying to grow for many years.   Furthermore, you must continue to eat these following foods that will keep your hair long and healthy and as you grow older, you will begin to take pride in your hair as you make sure your body is healthy and remain very youthful.


    Take your daily supplement of fish oils, but also add a lot of fish on your diet.  Just when you want to enjoy beef or chicken, begin thinking about your hair Salmon is the best type of fish to eat, because it has a lot of omega-3 fatty acids in it.   You get a lot of vitamin B-12 and iron.   Omega-fatty acids are also known to help keep your scalp clean and it helps it to avoid dryness.   You do not want your pores to be clogged with grease, but it also does not need to be overly dry, so always make sure omega-fatty acids is in your diet.   Flaxseed oil is also good for your daily diet, you can find it in supplements or ground at Walmart, next to the Fish Oils.  When you take vitamin supplements, please follow the advised servings on the back of the bottle. Always remember, fish gives you a good amount of protein.


    You should be eating a lot of beans.   Really all types of beans have a lot of protein in them.  However, we encourage you to eat legumes like red kidney, black, beans and lentils, which will give you a great source of biotin, zinc and iron.  You need a lot of biotin, because it stops your hair from being brittle.

    Dark Green Vegetables

    Remember, we mentioned in our previous article, whenever you cook your collard or mustard greens, make sure you drink a lot of the juice, because that is where your vitamins are.  However, it is so much better to eat fresh vegetables, which have all of the vitamins and minerals in the leaves, especially if they were freshly grown out of the grown (don't for get to rise them).   Dark green vegetables retain a lot of calcium and iron; however, if you specifically eat the types like broccoli and spinach you get all of the other vitamins like A and C that will help restore your follicles.


    If you eat a lot of carrots on a daily basis, you will grow your hair fast.  Make a habit of eating carrots or even drinking carrot juice. They are not only good for your eyes, but they give you a lot of vitamin A, which keeps your scalp healthy.

    Whole Grains

    If you eat fortified whole grain cereals for breakfast, it will give your hair a lot of B vitamins, iron and zinc.   Whole Grain foods gives you a good source of fiber and that is not only good for your hair, but also your nails.


    You need a lot of niacin and vitamin B-3 in order for your blood to flow and circulate, which will grow your hair, so you need to eat fruit like boysenberries, mango, nectarines, peaches.  In order for your red cells to supply oxygen to your hair follicles, you need vitamin B-6, which is stored in fruits like bananas, dates, grapes, guavas, lychees, mangoes, passion fruits, pineapples, pomegranates and watermelons.  Please read further on this @ 
    This article by Verneda Lights, 'What Fruits Make Your Hair Grow?' will certainly give you an idea why fruit is so very important for you to eat.  You will discover how God has already placed a lot of vitamins in natural foods to grow your hair and why many black women whom do not have a healthy diet do not grow long hair.   Therefore, fruits and vegetables are good for you to eat on a daily basis.

    So as black women now you can stop believing the old myth that you have to be mixed in order to grow long hair. Remember, many of them do not even grow long hair and also wear weaves.  Now, you should be able to realize God is not prejudice toward black women and what he created for other races, He has also created for us.   We just have to start loving His natural foods He created for us to eat and stop eating man-made junk foods that will not give you benefits to grow long and healthy hair.  When God mentioned in His scripture, your crown is your glory in I Cor. 11:15, He was not just talking to white, Latino or Asian women, but He was speaking to all races of women and it is time you refuse to believe those racial lies that have robbed you of having long hair.   Being black does not limit you, you only limit yourself of having good health and growing long hair when you lack proper vitamins and minerals.


    Wednesday, June 27, 2012

    Be Good to Your Hair and Naturally Grow It, Even If Society Hates It

    As black women, the majority of us need to go back to the days when we loved our natural hair, even if today's society hates it.   Think about it, how will your hair ever grow, if you are always trying to cover it, straighten it and over-processing it?   If we are forever changing our natural hair, how will it ever grow, gracefully?   We are supposed to search deep inside our souls and question why is it, we are the only type of women who feel we have to change ourselves in order to be accepted by society.  Once you make up in your mind to love who you are, then you will begin to love your natural hair and it won't matter how many people within our own race shun you.  Many times, many black women fail to grow long healthy hair, simply because they have been so self-conscious about how others feel if they wore their natural kinky hair on a daily basis.

    The ignorance of many whites and blacks is that if a black woman wears her natural hair, she is militant.  Now, you may think we have gotten past that sort of ignorance, but society reveals we have not gotten very far, because they are not many black women like back in the 1960's and 70's wearing their natural hair.   Ladies, when you wear your natural hair, you are being good to your hair, you are not necessarily trying divide from society as a separatist, you are simply being the unique woman you are, simply loving yourself just as God made you to be, without any apologies.   Many people whom hate the black identity are the ones whom choose to separate from us.  Most of our American society has labeled the black woman as a separatist when she refuses to hate herself and change her looks from African into European and that is pure evil.   If you are a child of God, you will find in I Cor. 11:15, it says: 'But if a woman have long hair, it is a glory to her: for her hair is given her for a covering.'   So, how is your hair ever going to grow, if you continue to cover it with wigs and weaves?   How will it ever grow your hair, if you continue to process it, without enjoying its freedom to be natural, the way God created it to be?

    Did you know there is such a thing called abusing your hair?   Many of us black women have been so guilty of abusing our hair, because we wanted to be accepted within America and not be made fun of around our own race.  For many years, some African Americans have been so guilty of making fun of black women whom wear their natural kinky hair.   We have been called, 'Buckwheat' or 'too black to hang around' and it hurts.   However, once we realized what has robbed us from ever enjoying our own natural hair, then we will be determine to ignore that ancient evil that has controlled self-prejudice within the black community.  The ancient myth that we need to kill as black women is this, 'you are more pretty when you straighten your hair.'  The truth is, your are more beautiful when you are not ashamed of your natural looks.   Ladies, it does not matter, if we have fried it or over processed it, our hair has been abused, neglected and it becomes damaged sometimes, for many years.

    One of the main things that has hurt the average black woman's hair from growing, is her trying to keep up with the latest style to look like her favorite black celebrity.  Most female black celebrities wear weaves, wigs and even will mostly cut it off and the pattern has not been broken since the late 70's.  Every since African Americans have broken into the entertainment industry, many black women have went to great lengths to satisfy the Hollywood elite.   Their looks have been desired by infamous black women whom may die without ever enjoying growing their natural hair.   When we look at Jill Scott, we recognize she wore her natural hair for a very long time, but we began to see a change as though possibly someone who manages her career suggested a change and it does not surprise us.   Isn't this how the popular look of the Afro died out, after of our sisters became more diversified after the 70's era?   It seemed as though more black women who began to straighten and cut their hair they began to style their hair, according to how Europeans desired for us to look, similar to their identity.  Over the years, many black women are yet wondering how they can ever grow their hair.   They yet think just because they are black, they cannot grow long and healthy hair, but that is an ancient lie of deception.   You can certainly grow long and healthy hair, but you must learn how to love your natural hair and wear it with pride and no regrets.   The more you thank God for creating you a black woman, the more you will learn to love and appreciate your hair and not abuse it.

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    Saturday, June 16, 2012

    Change the Way You Eat and Grow Long Healthy Hair by eating fruits and vegetables

    A lot of times, many black women do not grow long healthy hair, is simply because they do not eat right.   Ladies, you have to change the way you eat if you desire to grow long healthy hair.   If you put all of that fast food into your system, then how do you think it will affect your hair?  It will not grow fast as you want it to grow and will not be as healthy, because you are not giving your body the right nutrients.   You have to be good to your body, if you expect for your hair to be long and beautiful.   Many times, black women may envy other races of women, but they do not know that if those women did not eat proper foods they too would not grow nice hair, either.   Shocked?   One of the main reasons, why other races of women have long hair, is because they are constantly eating right, it is not always genetics.   So, if you want to see good results ladies, stop eating all of that greasy fast food.

    Sisters, life is inside of fresh vegetables.   The only types of vegetables some black women are used to are cooked collard, (Chinese) mustard and cabbage.  We are not saying they are not good to eat, but much of the vitamins and minerals in those greens do not remain in the leaves when you cook them.  If you do eat a lot of cooked greens, also drink the juice left in the pot, because that is where much of the nutrients are.  You must learn how to eat fresh vegetables more often, because when you eat them fresh and not cooked, more vitamins and minerals remain in them.   God has placed life inside of fresh vegetables and when you eat them on a daily basis, your skin will not only begin to look better, but also your hair, it will began to look healthy and it will grow.   This is why many people tell you to avoid eating processed foods like boxed rice and canned vegetables.  When manufacturers package canned goods and boxed foods, many times there is too much sodium and when they process the foods most of the vitamins and minerals diminish.   Therefore, most processed foods sold in stores are not good for you.  You are going to have to learn how to look at what they put into their packaged foods and most of the times, you will see a lot of sodium and/or sugar, which is why many people suffer from diabetes and all other sorts of other diseases.   So think about it, your hair does not even have a chance to grow, if you are sick.   You may think fresh vegetables do not taste good, but they taste very good when you acknowledge what they can do for your body and hair.   Fresh vegetables not only restore your body, put they put life back into the roots of your hair.   If you have really damaged hair or if it just needs to grow, you need to try eating fresh vegetables on a daily basis.   Just like your body loves fresh vegetables, so does your hair, because when your body is healthy, it controls the roots of your hair.   So, if your body yearns to have a lot of vitamins and minerals, you need to eat the right foods so your hair can benefit from fresh vegetables.

    Much life is also in fresh fruits.  God has placed vitamins and minerals in a lot of fruit.  If you have heard some people whom have died and spent time in heaven and came back to life, they will tell you about all of the fruit, God allows you to eat up there, because of all the good spiritual benefits in them, love, joy and peace.  So this is why it would be a very good idea for all of us black women to choose to eat a lot of fresh fruits along with fresh vegetables.   Many of the black celebrities avoid eating a lot of fruit, because of all the sugar and often times there are some dentists who will tell you to not eat fruit or fruit juice, because it is bad for your teeth, but that's what water is for.  You brush your teeth after eating your fruit and you flush your system out by drinking water while you eat a lot of fruit, because fruit is naturally good for your body and even your hair.   It is not good to follow the eating habits of today's average black celebrities, because many of them avoid eating fruit, in order to keep sugar out of their diet and remain thin.   You can eat fresh fruit, but drink 8 glasses of water when doing so to help flush out the body waste.  If fruit was not good for you, God would not have created it. 

    Many times, we as black women desire to eat what taste good, but not choose to eat what is good for us.  Change the way you think and began to want to eat much healthier.   Choose God's food over man-made processed foods.

    Tuesday, June 5, 2012

    Black Women Who Wear Tight Braid Extensions Lose Hair: Learn How To Grow Your Own Hair

    Many black women fail to learn that they will never keep their own hair as long as they continue to wear tight braids.   It may appear cute for a while, but over time it damages the roots of your hair and then eventually removes follicles.  Have you ever watched Stevie Wonder enough to know that he did not just allegedly go bald, just because he is got older?   There are many black men as well whom have worn tight braids and all it does is pulls their hair follicles out of the scalp.  If you are a woman, this can be a really painful experience.   Can you grow it back, after wearing tight braids for so long?   Yes you can grow your hair back, dear sister, but you have got to stop wearing braids, all together, not unless you are braiding your own hair, sometimes.

    Hair extensions for black women may have been very popular back in the 1970's and 80's, but these days, it is time for a change.   When we were young children and pre-teens, we wore a lot of hairstyles that went along with the times, but as grown women we must do things different for ourselves and even for our little black girls.   This is the 21st century and it is time for black women of all ages to reveal God's goodness to our crowns.   Remember this, God does not love other races of women more than us, but He wants us to learn how to manage our natural hair so we can grow and enjoy it.   We know God must get very tired of the stigma that black women can't grow long hair and you have to be a mixed, a bi-racial woman to grow long hair.   Both are a myth, because we have seen some bi-racial women and they wear weaves, many of them do not have long hair.  Therefore, if you recognize you are just a black woman whom has difficulty with growing your own hair, you need to just accept it and learn how to grow it without latching the roots. 

    Back in the 1970's and early 80's we as black women can recall how our mothers would pay to get our hair done to look like the other girls at school and church.   All of those cute french braid styles adorned with  beads, then singles may have grown our hair when we were very young, but if you notice, when we became older. our hair changed, this is because what worked back then was only at the stage of early growth.   Now, as grown women, we must realize as we have gotten older, so have our scalps, so we must be very careful on how we maintain our hair.   Precious black women, if you have not never had long hair or once when you were young, it is time to make God happy and allow Him to grow it.   How do you go about doing so?   Stop buying all of that artificial hair and latching it on real tight.   Save some money and begin pampering your own hair.   Do not pull and tug your scalp anymore.   Begin washing your hair, at least twice a week.  Trim the split ends of your hair.   Do not clog your scalps with heavy oils, instead use very lights ones, hair cremes and even hair mayonnaise is even much better.  Do the same for your girls and you will begin to see a positive change.   

    Many black women feel it is necessary to wear some sort of braids, hair extensions or corn rows to identify with their race, when it fact, this why they have not been able to grow long hair.   Wearing hair extensions or french braids may have given black women a sense of pride years ago, but these days, it is time to learn how to love yourself without them, because your hair will grow much longer if you learn how to unlatch the roots of your hair.

    Hair extensions may have been good to grow a black woman's hair once in our lifetime, but because how we have pulled, latched and locked, our scalps have been extremely damaged at the roots.   Some women go bald and do not even realize they can eventually grow it back, but they must stop wearing braids, all together.   You may think if you no longer wear tight braids, you will be okay, not so.   You hair needs to grow without braids and extensions, completely, because after so long, your follicles are damaged and need to be able to grow again without your roots being pulled so tight.  So please black women, take heed, learn and change, if you finally want to grow your own hair.

    Sunday, June 3, 2012

    Black Hair- 6 Tips to Your Summer Survival Guide

    Black hair care in the Summertime
    Black Hair- 6 Tips to Your Summer Survival Guide

    1. Before you enter a pool, lake, ocean, or any body of water, drench your hair with water and apply a coat of conditioner to the hair. This water/conditioner mixture will fill up the gaps in hair shaft and act as a barrier from the chlorinated water. Follow up with a little club soda; it makes for a good post-pool rinse. Wear a swim cap as often as possible. Although most people hate wearing them for many reasons – uncomfortable, unattractive, or it never stays on, etc. – using a cap, that securely protects the hair, is always the best option.

    2. If there is a time to be extra gentle with your hair, it is now. Treat your hair like a fine silk blouse. Purchase a gentle hydrating shampoo. ALWAYS follow up with a rich conditioner. Shampoo gently – massage a small amount of shampoo into scalp, rinse well. Use a quality conditioner with moisturizing ingredients to deep condition your hair on a weekly basis during the summer. Look for ingredients such as wheat germ, jojoba oil, coconut oil, silk amino acids, etc.

    3. Over-shampooing and under-conditioning is a common culprit to dry and frizzy hair – especially in the summer months. Shampooing more than 1x a week is not recommended. On “shampoo-less” days, simply do a conditioning rinse – rinse your hair to remove styling products (this is when using the right products that are water soluble come in). Apply an ample amount of your favorite conditioner, comb through, rinse, and proceed with styling. Doing so will pump much needed moisture back into your hair without stripping away essential nutrients, rinse away unnecessary dirt and oil, and give it a fresh, clean start.

    Read more and the remaining three tips HERE