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Friday, August 24, 2012

Why you should cover your hair before you sleep?

Black women, we are not created like European races and our hair is very easy to break off.   When we were coming up, our mothers told us 'you have very coarse hair', but no, our mothers were referring to how thick our hair grew out when we wore it, natural.   Either if our hair is natural or straightened, the strains are very fine compared to white women.  It does not mean it is bad hair, it is more fragile and this is why a lot of women braid their hair, which we do not encourage.  Therefore, each and every night before you go to bed and even when you are resting and taking a nap in the day time, always cover your hair with a satin cap.

About 10 years ago, we would even hear some black women encourage us to buy satin pillow cases, which is very good, but it is even better if you buy satin caps to prevent hair breakage. Now, mostly all we see is black women getting hair weaves or wearing wigs, so they will not have to care for their hair.   If you have visited our sister blog,  The Souls of Black Women, you will recall a few articles on Naomi Campbell and the latest one, Serena Williams allegedly developing Alopecia.  Both of these two black women maybe very successful and wealthy, but no amount of money could ever buy their natural hair, back.   After all of the hair weaves they have worn over the years, eventually what are they going to attach their tracks to?   Some day, they both may not have any natural strand of hair, because they they mostly wore tight weaves and in Campbell's case, possibly some wigs that killed the hair follicles.   

Getting back to covering your hair at night, many black women have been very guilty of going to bed on without wearing a satin cap.  Whenever you twist and turn during the night, your hair possibly easily breaks off and eventually you are left with a spot or more of damaged patches of hair.   This could be very frustrating after you have grown your hair to a certain length, but it has happened time and time, again.  When you process your hair, it becomes more fragile, so you should make sure you cover it then, but even if your hair is natural, you should protect it to prevent breakage.  Our hair easily breaks off, which leaves us with a damaged hair, after it has not covered as we lay on it.   When this happens do not rush and go buy a wig to cover your hair or pay for a weave, just get the bad hair cut off  and get it evenly trimmed by a professional stylist, then get into a good habit of covering your hair.   Especially, if you are going to grow out your natural hair, you must learn how to manage it and it would be better for you to protect your hair whenever you lay on it.

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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Celebrity News: Black Women Learn From Niaomi Campbell's shocking receded hairline and stop wearing fake hair

Ladies, do you see the above photo of Naomi Campbell?  Do you see how bad her hairline looks?  This is why we always tell you to keep those wigs, weaves, hair pieces and extensions out of your hair.  Many Asian business owners of beauty supply stores are making billions of dollars from black women buying their hair while many of our sisters are permanently bald.   The other day when we shared the news with you, regarding the woman named Connie who forewarned us about traction alopecia, we were doing so, because we are trying to save black women from losing their hair and looking similar to Naomi Campbell in the above picture.   However, we cannot stop you from not caring about your hair or even yourself.

Many of you are so focused on looking like female black celebrities in Hollywood or European women, you do not even realize you can lose your hair and have trouble growing it back.  The reason why we are telling you this, is because we know traction alopecia is real and many black women, both rich and poor have lost their hair just to be accepted by society who expects them to try hard to look like European women, having straight hair.   Many of our sisters wonder why many black men are not attracted to us, it is simply because some of our sisters fail to be themselves, they try too hard to be less Afrocentric and even idolize white women.  A lot of our sisters have lost their souls, because they have not worshiped God, but they have chosen to idolize white America, well-this is the price you must pay.  God has a lot many good ambitious black men who just turn away, simply because they want a woman who loves herself and will not follow the ignorance of many others. They are afraid of being with black woman who may be bald after she removes her fake hair.  Now, we are aware there are also a lot of black men...
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Source: Souls of Black Women

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