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Sunday, October 19, 2014

Hair blogger 'Meechy Monroe' is transformed by illness and outpouring of support

We just want to dedicate this article to this beautiful black woman, Tameka Moore known as Meechy Monroe.  She has been diagnosed with brain cancer, but she's yet beautiful and we as black women need to appreciate her tutorials.  Let us all have faith for her healing and expect for God to miraculously turn things around in her life.  We don't want this blog to just be about hair, but also about spiritual reformation and like, most of all, salvation and faith in God.

Struck by cancer, beauty blogger is transformed by illness and outpouring of support

CHICAGO — Over the last five years, Meechy Monroe has built a reputation and international following among black women who turned to her for hair care tips and inspiration as they turned from...Read full article, here.


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